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Barnes & Noble Staying in the E-Reader Game with “Nook for Web”

BarnesNoblefortheWeb 580 75 Barnes & Noble Staying in the E Reader Game with “Nook for Web”

In a new effort to keep readers loyal to Nook, the e-reader platform started by Barnes & Noble announced on Tuesday that users will soon have access to “Nook for Web.” This will allow Nook readers to have access to the material that they were reading on any internet-connected device, and not just their Nook.

The online publication Wired said that this will be a big source of competition for Barnes & Noble’s biggest rival, Amazon and their Cloud Reader, which was received with lukewarm welcome when it came out towards the end of last summer.

The Nook for Web is meant to be compatible with all of the basic internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, you will be able to have access to the new program as well.

There should’t be any extra programs to download, as Complex reports. When you visit the Nook store, you should be able do one click and you will have access to your chosen book, after you pay of course. But even so, the store wants to get readers hooked, so they are offering one of six novels in the store for free.

With the release of Nook for Web, the company is certainly hoping that this will cause a bounce-back after less-than-stellar Q4 earnings that were reported in June, with the Nook division dealing with a big chunk of the $57.7M hit.

One of the factors that Barnes & Noble might have to keep an eye on is the release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2 scheduled for August. This should be a test to see whether the market values the convenience that Nook for Web will deliver for users that often rely on their internet bundles, or the many enhancements expected from the Fire 2. A bounce-back in general seems to be the main priority for Barnes & Noble at this point.

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