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7 Days to Die Alpha 6 Coming Midnight Tonight

9xQZ3E2 7 Days to Die Alpha 6 Coming Midnight Tonight

7 Days to Die has been a game that has intrigued us over the past couple of months. It is a survival zombie apocalypse game that is almost a mix with one of the most popular games of our era, Minecraft. If you haven’t heard of the game or tried it, you definitely should look into it.

So over the past few weeks we have been beta testing 7 Days to Die Alpha 6 and have been amazed with the progress, we have received confirmation today that the release will be midnight tonight US time(PST).

Unfortunately, we are unable to reveal what exactly will be included in the update just yet, you’ll have to wait until it actually comes out. What we can tell you, however, is that the game is making some great progress and that the developers, The Fun Pimps, have delivered more than promised on Alpha 6.

So if you’re eager to try out the next update of 7 Days to Die then you should probably make sure you don’t have anything to do tomorrow because the update on Steam will be released at midnight PST time.

EDIT: They are most likely going to wipe all your game data, so a good idea would be to write down what you have and spawn it in via cheat mode. Here is an example:

5 stacks of scrap metal walls
5 stacks of wood floor
flatscreen tv
1 stack of chests
6 stacks of corn
cooking pot
4 stacks of potatoes
32 water bottles
57 potatoes
1 lump of clay
44 venison
11 books
3 stacks of lead ingots
2 stacks of stone
3 buckets
31 iron ingots
33 can of ham
1 stack of venison stew
26 venison stew
5 stacks of coal
1 clay bowl
1 sniper rifle
1 pickaxe
955 pieces of paper
9 lead ore
19 coal ore
2 stacks of patassium nitrate
262 gun powder
1 repair tool
1 shovel
1 fire axe
1 gardening hoe
14 pine wood
31 painkillers
29 rabbit kabob
2 bandages
13 blueberry pies
64 plant fibers
70 metal trussing
9 pattisum ore
249 small rocks
4 blueberry seeds
63 cloth fragments
114 sticks
325 small pipes
9 jars of honey
9 chicken rations
8 lamp rations
15 can of pasta
7 can of miso
38 feathers
15 7.62 magazines
31 10mm magazines
52 9mm magazines
37 shotgun shells
19 gas cans
26 hunting rifle ammo
1285 crossbow bolts
228 torches
3 blueberries
1 sledgehammer
26 pistols
8 sawed off shotguns
13 pump shotguns
6 sub machine guns
5 hunting rifles
1 crossbow

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