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Razer Introduces The Never-Ending Computer, Project Christine

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Razer enjoys CES. Each and every year it uses the program to debut brand-new innovation, but unlike lots of makers that treat the show as an unveiling celebration for potentially retail-ready products, Razer isn’t really scared to go a little wild. This year is no various, and once again Razer has actually come out of its corner swinging.

At CES this year, Razer revealed “Project Christine,” a PC that the company calls “the world’s most modular gaming system.” And that isn’t simply rhetoric. Christine’s PCI-Express architecture is designed to allow you to pick and then set up new modules on the fly, and then quickly be acknowledged and incorporated. If you have to add even more storage you can just slot it in, as opposed to opening a case and fumbling with small screws. Same for memory, graphics cards, and more. In theory, you should never ever have to buy an additional computer, you could just constantly upgrade Christine.

“The modularity of Project Christine make it perpetually adjustable, providing plug-and-play upgradability as new and improved innovation develops, seemingly eliminating the need to change entire systems,” Razer stated in the statement. “Modules linked to the PCI-Express backbone can be added in any order or mix, featuring around quad-SLI graphics, multiple SSD and RAID storage components, I/O and even power materials, making sure maximum flexibility.”.

The system also includes a touch-screen LED display that provides upkeep details, and the entire system functions active liquid cooling and noise cancellation. It likewise enables you to run, and switch over, in between 3 running systems. Among those could be the new SteamOS, so Christine is simply a Steam Controller far from being its own Steam Machine.

This is still quite a prototype, and Razer has a history of using CES to check the waters with new items. Because of that, there are a lot of concerns that merely cannot be answered yet– like prices, accessibility, as well as some basic ones like whether or not the modules are proprietary or not. Even if Razer can address some of these questions, there is every opportunity that they would alter anyway.

That said, Project Christine is an interesting new principle. It’s something individuals are talking about, and it has individuals thinking. What more can you ask from a prototype?

– Fully modular design for continuous, cable-less personalization.
– PCI-Express architecture.
– Open running system platform.
– Factory overclocked elements.
– Self-contained modules with active liquid cooling and sound cancelation.
– Quad SLI capable.
– SSD + RAID 5 HDD Array.
– LED touchscreen control display.

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