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Safari was always an internet browser that always seemed to be mediocre in comparison to other popular browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox). However, it seems like their latest iteration (Version 6) is much more worthwhile to use on OS X. Safari 6 can be a very minimal browser that now has one bar for URLs and search functions, with an optional Reader button if the webpage can rendered this way. Reader minimally takes out the distracting features of an article’s webpage and formats it for you to read it as easily as possible. It’s been a helpful tool sometimes if I want to read an article without distractions. You also have original back and forth buttons (gesture support for back and forward are used more often by myself, but YMMV), Sharing Button (to share URLs to social networks) and I’ve added the Home button and the Adblock button as well. Overall, Safari has been an aseptically pleasing browser without much customizations.

Under the hood, I think Safari was not meant to have a lot of features. However, Safari 6 still has simple features that are expected by heavier users. It includes several options for privacy, general features, bookmarking, extensions, password managed, and much others. Safari has also shown much improvement in loading times for websites. It does a good job of rendering 99% of websites that I want it to load without much problems. Safari 6 also supports iCloud Tabs that can sync open URLs between iOS 6 devices and OS X Mountain Lion. This makes viewing URLs on OS X much easier if you were reading something on your iOS device.

After using Chrome and Firefox extensively with various versions, I’ve found that in comparison on OS X, Safari is easily a decent browser to use. Safari highlights one of Apple’s ideologies of the “simple, yet elegant” feel. It’s not a browser that boasts new features every update, but it’s just something that is just suppose to work properly. I’ve tweaked my Safari experience a bit, but nothing too significant like I do with Firefox or Chrome. If you want a browser that can get the job done on your Mac, Safari 6 is the one to use.


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