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Value Of Technology

overview gallery everyday Value Of TechnologyDoes $2000 seem reasonable for a computer? Does $700 seem reasonable for a smartphone? For some people, that might be a very expensive price to pay for something like this. For others, it might be perfectly reasonable to pay for the technology. If there is any consumer product that has controversial pricing, it’s certainly technology. Now while the prices for technology have gone down significantly, the pricing for new technology is always much more expensive. However, what people seem to miss is the potential value of the product.

The potential value of the product is the measurement you feel as to whether you actually need or want the product and the question of how much you will use it. If you can answer these kind of questions when buying technology, the price should not be justifiable or questionable. Paying $2000 for a Mac might seem very reasonable for someone who wants a Mac or someone who requires this specific kind of computer for working purposes. However, paying $500 for a decent PC laptop might be more than enough for someone who might just be browsing the internet and checking E-Mail.

I talk about this because some people lose out on the potential use of a product because of the pricing. Some people judge the purchase more on the price than on the potential value of the product. You don’t buy something because of the price (theoretically) but because of the potential value of the product is worth it for you to purchase and use in your life. Trust me, pricing is not something to think about unless you really are on a budget and you wish to purchase something within a certain limit. In that case, it would be a different story and you have physical limitations you simply cannot go out of.

But in the end, don’t always consider the price. Consider the potential value and whether you really need the product. If not, go on. If you need it, purchase it.

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