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Why Security Is Always Important On The Internet?

padlock and https Why Security Is Always Important On The Internet?Source:  [Picture Of HTTPS, A Known Fact That The Website Your Viewing Is Most Likely Secure And Encrypted From Eavesdropping.]        

Another leak of information has occurred today with a third-party service “Tweetgif”. Even if passwords were not leaked, “Authentication Tokens” that connect to Twitter could be taken advantage of if the hackers wanted to. Just last week, 65 Million LinkedIn accounts were compromised after a security breach occurred.

It’s hard to imagine your reaction to having your personal data exposed to people you are not aware of. With even more sensitive data like banking information, a hacker can do a lot of damage. Of course, a lot of people know that you should be making a strong password and that you follow various security and safety precautions (i.e – not responding to fake E-Mails or clicking on unknown links) to protect sensitive information you have on the internet. However, this article has a greater purpose than to simply talk about security.

When you give someone advice, it is usually hard for them to understand unless they experience it. Advice such as “being secure on the internet” is not always followed by everyone. People can always come up with excuses, but they are not going to be helpful if you were to be hacked. When considering someone’s advice, don’t think about what can happen before, but think about the latter of a result.

For example, if you start to create strong passwords, you might think that this may be too much work for you to remember. Eventually, you’ll believe that it will be hard for you to get hacked because you are another person on this earth. This gives you a motive to stop making strong passwords and to make simple ones to remember. However, if you think about what happens if you did get hacked, then the perspective changes. It would be more encouraging for you to maintain your security on the internet because of the known consequences.

It’s really important to remember about security while browsing the internet. The internet is like the outside world. It could be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions to go out with safety and security in check. However, with the extra time taken to browse safely with strong passwords and moral standards, you can browse the internet just fine.


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