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Yahoo! + Marissa Mayer = New Beginning Of “Communication”

Yahoo Headquarters Yahoo! + Marissa Mayer = New Beginning Of Communication

If you have been living under a box lately, you would have known that Marissa Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo officially a couple of weeks ago. Although this seems to be boring news, it is actually great news. For one, Marissa Mayer is a well known executive who has shown her work at Google. After Yahoo managed to pick her up, it seems inevitable that Yahoo can turn around. However, even with her at the top, Yahoo has a long way to get back into the same “standard”,  it would have been before. Back in the late 90s and even early 2000s, Yahoo was quite big back then with their Yahoo services (Messanger, Flickr, Search, etc). However, alternatives came around within the next decade (Google mainly) and shut Yahoo down the pipe into a descending point of the unknown. Mayer’s job is simply not to become a popular service, but her job is to refine what Yahoo has done to create the Internet and innovate it for the world’s needs in 2012.

Currently, people are on the internet and on the go. If anything, communication is key in our world today. If we can’t get a hold of anyone, our world grinds to a halt and that means a loss of productivity and money (mainly for big companies). If there is anything that I thought Yahoo was good at, it was their communication software. Even if Yahoo! Messanger was replaced (rather dominated) by MSN messenger and many other clients, it could launch a whole new way of conversing with others. Perhaps Yahoo! Messanger could become an integral cross-platform communication service to connect consumers more reliably. How about we start with a possible name change? How about “Yahoo! Connect”? This service can possibly bring an integrated service of calling, texting and video calling into one application. It could be accessed from most smartphones, your computer and tablet.

Yahoo knew how to connect people before hand, so they should be able to create a whole new experience of connecting people together. Forget about search, or sharing photos on Flickr. That’s not what Yahoo was about in my opinion. Yahoo became popular for starting the communication market. After Yahoo’s creation of the communication market, it made phone carriers put cheaper prices on calling and texting. Other companies such as Skype managed to get a piece of this communication market. In the end, it’s all up to Marissa on what they wish to pursue. Perhaps they have a whole new internet service we never knew we ever needed. Perhaps she’ll try restructuring the company, only to put that company at failure once again. Yahoo has an unpredictable future right now, as the public have no idea what can bring them back into their “A” game. Yahoo is like someone else I know and is a company that is known for communication as well, but has been declining in popularity. Presently, they are striving to get back into a market they created, smartphones.

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